Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hit me with your best shot

Stumptown Coffee has fully infiltrateded New York!!! For too long the Northwest had it all to themselves, but now that Stumptown is distributing its beans, more and more cafes are brewing up the best coffee you'll lips will ever sip. I hit up two cafes in the neighborhood today (including the recenlty opened Second Stop Cafe, my new favorite coffee spot), both were serving Stumptown and both were AH-mazing.

The Portland based company will soon be opening up a full Stumpies location and roasterie in Red Hook later this year. Of course there is a chance that over time Stumptown may lose a bit of it's glamor being so readily available, but I can definitely also see it creating some really healthy and friendly competition amongst the coffee shops in NYC. Cool beans, I say. Let the coffee wars begin!

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