Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anthony loves Tortilla Factory!

The other night, while looking up the business hours for the best taco joint in the neighborhood, I was totes stoked to find a video of one of my all time favorite boyfriends, Anthony Bourdain, at Tortilla Factory! If Anthony Bourdain is willing to trek out to Bushwick in the middle of Winter, these tacos have to be the best.

Tortilla Factory

I consider myself a bit of an authority, (loudmouth), on tacos, and yet I just last week experienced perhaps the most authentic taco spot in the city. Located in Bushwick, Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, also known as "Tortilla Factory", is a bona fide tortilla factory serving delicious Mexican food from a small counter area off to the side.

It's the best taco spot I have found New York City. For starters, it's a freakin' tortilla factory with freshly made corn tortillas spewing out on conveyer belts! Secondly, it's goooood. Everything from the tacos, tacquitos, toastadas, and quesadillas are unbelievable. Nothing fancy, nothing gimicky, just solid Mexican food cooked properly. Thirdly, it's CHEAP. A tacquito is just $1.50. Buy two of those, and a Mandarin Jarrito, you will leave blissfully gordo and still have plenty of money in your wallet for more to take home for later. I've since gone back again...and again.

Call me factory girl.