Thursday, April 30, 2009

meet me at the pupusa stand

The Brooklyn Flea has been opened 2 weekends so far, and I've already managed to go 3 times. And although the antiques and vintage selection is always incredible, I'm finding myself more and more amped about the FOOD! Look at this pupusa! Adorable pupusa ladies make them by hand right as you order them. I'd never had one before, but now I'm hooked. And between the pupusas, mini cupcakes, and fresh lemonade and iced coffee, it's difficult not to sacrifice shopping time for food line time. Thank you to Lisa and Caroline for standing in line for me, it'll be my turn next time!

And let's not forget Mr. Softee. A sunny day in Brooklyn would not be right without an ice cream truck.
Then it was a quick bike cruise to East River park for afternoon libations and shoeless lazying.

My new routine. All. Summer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Batman shoes!!!

When I was 15-years-old my friend Ashley found a pair of Batman Cons at a thrift store. From the moment I saw her skip into the school yard with them, I vowed that I would hunt down a pair of my own. Unfortunately, finding these shoes is harder than pinning down The Penguin in the icy Gotham underground. These were a limited edition pair of Cons released in 1989, and apparently the only surviving pairs are either men's size 12, or kid's size 4.

Well, it's been 11 daunting years, but FINALLY, I scored this pair on ebay this week, and they're just my size!

Foes, beware! Or it'll be "ZIP! POW! BIFF!" for you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cherry Blossom Watch

Every April the city explodes with the vibrant colors and sounds of Spring. And each year I seem to completely miss the much anticipated bloom of cherry blossoms at the Botanical Garden. I either get there too early, or just a bit too late to catch the spectacular show. But not this year! I just discovered that the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens site has a cherry tree watch! It's basically a garden map that is updated daily to chronicle the garden's bloom status. Genius.

I will no doubt be checking the page daily until the exact moment that I can stroll down the Cherry Esplanade and shuffle through the petals like the kid in the photo above.

dress me up in your love

And so it begins. In the last week I've already splurged on two new spring and summer dresses, marking what will be a 5-month battle of trying to control myself from spending all my extra funds on warm weather wear. My defense? First off, one of these was on sale. Secondly, I mean c'mon-- these were practically made for me. The first is from my latest favorite label, Tulle, and the second is from Urbs. Both are perfect for flea market shopping and park lazying. Can't wait to test them out!

Happy Earth Day!

Take it from Paul Rudd, Elmo, and a newish Sesame Street character that I'm too old to know...The Earth rocks! Let's take care of her, okay?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

heart you

Did you know that I love cobblers almost as much as I love tacos? Fact. Made this sweet treat for a dinner party a couple weeks ago. It's blackberry pear with orange ginger biscuit topping. And just when everyone thought that the dessert couldn't sound better, I peeled off the foil to reveal the heart shaped biscuits. Pa-dow. Show stopper. A heart shaped cookie cutter makes everything taste even better.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

springtime is wild, new york is exciting

This morning I awoke to the best alarm clock ever...the sounds of ice cream trucks and chirping birds. Lazy and hungover, I lounged in bed listening to the sweet sounds of Spring pull me out of slumber. From my bed, I spied two sparrow type birds flirting on my fire escape, hopping around and looking precious.

Then about 10 minutes later the sound of a jackhammer and bulldozer totally demolished the birds and vendors.

Yes, it's Springtime, but it's still Brooklyn. No matter. Reluctantly I hauled myself out of bed, and stepped outside to the most perfect 70 degree sunshine. After scoring my mandatory fix from Oslo, I scampered down to the Brooklyn Flea where throngs of happy faces ate good food and browsed the very best in vintage, crafts, and records.

This is it! From here on out it's kite flying dates and taco truck rendevouzs. You know where to find me...

Friday, April 17, 2009

So nice to see you!