Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I will not meet you at Bonita.

After 4 visits to Bonita (on Bedford), I have to give up and give them a mediocre review. The owners are the geniuses behind two of my favorite restaurants in NYC, Marlow and Sons and Diner: two places where I have had some of the most unforgettable meals, but unfortunately, Bonita is the black sheep in this family of restaurants.

The chicken tacos were completely dry and tasteless. I could see cilantro and yummy looking toppings, but the only flavor I got was in the tortilla. And although they offer a generous caddy of salsas to choose from, 2 are unbearably hot, while the third is bland and mealy. The fish tacos were a bit better, but the halibut was battered and fried, overpowering any taste the fish might have had. Plus there was some kind of ranchero cream sauce that gave it a cheap flavor, (even though the cost isn't, an order of two tacos is $10).

It's such a shame too, as the service, decor and atmosphere are great. But if you're in the area and want a sit down meal, I'd recommend going to Chulo, or Bonita's sister restaurants up the street.

P.S. Their margaritas are made with wine...Margaritas. With wine.

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