Saturday, April 18, 2009

springtime is wild, new york is exciting

This morning I awoke to the best alarm clock ever...the sounds of ice cream trucks and chirping birds. Lazy and hungover, I lounged in bed listening to the sweet sounds of Spring pull me out of slumber. From my bed, I spied two sparrow type birds flirting on my fire escape, hopping around and looking precious.

Then about 10 minutes later the sound of a jackhammer and bulldozer totally demolished the birds and vendors.

Yes, it's Springtime, but it's still Brooklyn. No matter. Reluctantly I hauled myself out of bed, and stepped outside to the most perfect 70 degree sunshine. After scoring my mandatory fix from Oslo, I scampered down to the Brooklyn Flea where throngs of happy faces ate good food and browsed the very best in vintage, crafts, and records.

This is it! From here on out it's kite flying dates and taco truck rendevouzs. You know where to find me...

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