Thursday, April 30, 2009

meet me at the pupusa stand

The Brooklyn Flea has been opened 2 weekends so far, and I've already managed to go 3 times. And although the antiques and vintage selection is always incredible, I'm finding myself more and more amped about the FOOD! Look at this pupusa! Adorable pupusa ladies make them by hand right as you order them. I'd never had one before, but now I'm hooked. And between the pupusas, mini cupcakes, and fresh lemonade and iced coffee, it's difficult not to sacrifice shopping time for food line time. Thank you to Lisa and Caroline for standing in line for me, it'll be my turn next time!

And let's not forget Mr. Softee. A sunny day in Brooklyn would not be right without an ice cream truck.
Then it was a quick bike cruise to East River park for afternoon libations and shoeless lazying.

My new routine. All. Summer.

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