Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Endless Summer Taco Truck

photo by Franimal

Oh Endless Summer Taco Truck. I'm not sure how to start. The first time I saw you parked on Bedford and N. 6th, staffed by tattooed rocker boys, I have to admit, I did a mental eye roll. It took me another 2 (wasted and forsaken) months before I actually gave you the proper chance.

Since then I've never looked back. Hands down my favorite taco in New York. And for a few reasons...

1) They're always there! From about 12 on, they're always parked right on Bedford and N. 6th. More reliable than your chances of waking up to construction noise in the neighborhood.
2) It's cheap and filling! $2.50 for the most perfectly braised beef, pork, or chicken, and just $3 for fish or seitan (hear that, veggies?!).
3) All tacos and burritos come with the most perfect ratio of toppings, no one flavor is ever able to overpower another. Fiesta in your boca.
4) They have mexican corn!
5) Their logo is an ode to Black Flag.
6) The boys who work there are all smokin' hot.

Fact: I am an Endless Summer groupie.

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